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CLC Bible Companion Has Arrived!

This is truly a one-of-a-kind book.

Thankfully it is doesn’t stop with just the book itself.

There are PDFs of the entire book available for download, as well as power point presentations ready to be downloaded and presented.

The CLC Bible Companion is published by CLC Publications, and shipped all over the world to CLC retail centers. There such a need for simple, easy to grasp, Bible Teaching, that is up to date, and easy to translate. The CLC Bible Companion is all of that.


Evangelism: How To Engage A Culture With The Gospel

One voice said, “Why don’t you just go on home? It is impolite to disrupt this man’s conversation. You can find a better opportunity some other time.”

Almost as quickly, another voice said, “But what if this man’s house would be burning down. Would you not tell him because you don’t want to ruin his good conversation? Isn’t the message of Christ so much more important?”

That was it. I knew without a doubt what I needed to do. I took a few moments to brief myself about the contents of the tract and started walking towards the restaurant.


The Fountain of Living Waters

The Fountain of Living Waters

The Fountain of Living Waters poured out His soul unto death. He literally gave Himself to death.

Jesus poured His soul into His ministry: He kept nothing back, turned no one away; He crossed ethnic confines, cultural barriers, social limits, religious restrictions, natural laws, misunderstandings and personal attack to get to people so He could give to them.

There was no burden too great, no case too small; no residence too remote, no pain too deep that His love could not reach and heal.


New English Book Order

Hello Fellow Servants of Christ in Asia.

We are getting ready to place another English Book and Church Supplies order from overseas.

If there is anything that you are needing for you ministry here in Asia, please let us know so that we can order it for you.

Please let us know if you are wanting Christian Books, Church Supplies, Auto emblems…etc along with the quantity.

Thank you,

Martin for CLC Thailand.


Store Dedication was a Success!

Governor Cutting Ribbon

What a blessing it was to have so many guests come and join in the celebration of the new CLC bookstore in Chiang Mai. Thank you to the city for providing the tents. Thank you to the army for providing the stage. Thankyou to the police for guiding and directing traffic. Thankyou to the Governor of Chiang Mai province for coming and giving such a wonderful speech of support and encouragment, and also for cutting the ribbon. Pictures.

We had a wonderful day, and now we are officially up and running in our beautiful new bookstore.


The Value of Christian Literature

As you well know, Christian Literature is a huge part of our personal discipleship, and ministry. What would we do without Christian Literature?

We would have to rely upon oral or visual lessons which would fade in our memories very quickly.

Those these methods are an important part of our growth, nothing compares to have Christian Literature to hold in our hands and read.


World’s Largest Bible

Where in the world is the world’s largest Bible?

Well, it is being made right now in Bangkok. It will be finished and have its first showing at our Grand opening Dec. 4.

It is over 9 feet wide, and nearly 7 feet tall. It is the complete Bible.

Come and see it at CLC Bookstore Dec. 4, 10am – 12 noon.

After a short service, lunch will be provided.

Be sure to park at the Dara academy school, which is just a short walk form CLC Bookstore.



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