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CLC Bible Companion Has Arrived!

This is truly a one-of-a-kind book.

Thankfully it is doesn’t stop with just the book itself.

There are PDFs of the entire book available for download, as well as power point presentations ready to be downloaded and presented.

The CLC Bible Companion is published by CLC Publications, and shipped all over the world to CLC retail centers. There such a need for simple, easy to grasp, Bible Teaching, that is up to date, and easy to translate. The CLC Bible Companion is all of that.

The eye catching graphics and well designed layout of the book make it very easy and attractive to use.

The CLC Bible Companion is a basic book for all disciples of Jesus Christ. I commend it most heartily.” – J.I.Packer Author and professor, Regent College, Vancouver

We are compiling reviews of this book. You should read some of them now.

Whether you are a new Christian, or have trusted in Christ for years, the CLC Bible Companion is a must have.

There is a full website devoted to this amazing Christian Resource. You can learn more about it here, and then choose your favorite CLC Bookstore to make your purchase.

We are excited to offer the CLC Bible Companion here at CLC Thailand for only 900 baht.

Come and make your purchase today.

We know you will not be disappointed.