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Post Plastic Surgery in Bangkok

When you visit the respected Nida Esthetic and undergo one of the exiting and wonderful plastic surgery procedures, you will need time for your recovery. Sometimes you just want to get it all over and done with but post plastic surgery in Bangkok follow-up is of utmost importance for the success of the surgery. Some procedures take longer than others to heal. 

It is also important to realise that when you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you are making a big decision. It requires a lot of planning, pre-surgery and post plastic surgery in Bangkok.

Nida Esthetic is a premier cosmetic plastic surgery in Bangkok, Trained doctors and nurses, because they are highly certified, will consult with you from the minute you walk through the door until the very end of your procedure and the after operation visits. They will explain to you that you need to be willing and patient to accept the changes. Remember not all people are there to enhance their looks; some are there following certain medical procedures. But no matter what the operation is about, with such advancements in science over the years as well as technology, you can rest assured that you will get absolute satisfaction at Nida Esthetic. Only reputable surgeons perform surgery at Nida Esthetic in some highly complicated procedures, without posing any risks to their patients or their reputation.

Great facilities for pre- and post-plastic surgery in Bangkok

•    Close to international airports and city centre
•    Fully equipped hospital with 3 operating theatres
•    Highly trained staff
•    Private rooms for one or more nights
•    Every kind of procedure you  need undertake is at this all-encompassing clinic
•    Other smaller cosmetic improvement procedures
•    Facilities and equipment up to international standards

You won’t regret undergoing any plastic surgery procedure at the Nida Esthetic headed up by Dr Piya Rungruxsiri, MD. He is a highly trained plastic surgeon who studied and worked in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, USA, Japan, UK, Korea, amongst others. He is also an accredited Fellow of International Society of Aesthetic Surgery as well as American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Nida Esthetic, the place to be.