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Producing Leaders at an International School of Bangkok

If you are looking for an international school in Bangkok, there is one that will not disappoint. It has two campuses, one of which is located on Sukhumvit Road Soi 49/3. This is just behind the famous Samitivej Hospital. The American School of Bangkok opened its doors in 1983 and boasts around 800 students ranging from pre-kindergarten up to grade 12. It has all kinds of facilities to help your child reach their full potential from libraries to computer rooms, sports facilities, gyms, music rooms and much more. There will always be an activity to find t that a child can excel at. For instance, if you have realised that your child shows great talent in golf or is interested in playing it, the second campus at Green Valley of this school is home to the IPGA or International Preparatory Golf Academy. This academy boasts a program combining international standards for students in golf training; an exciting program which has American professional golfers on the faculty staff. Students prepare to become leaders in the golfing arena as well as in their own lives.

Because ASB follows a rigorous programme in academics, students find themselves being placed in some of the top universities worldwide, such as: 

•    Harvard University
•    Berkeley
•    Purdue University
•    University of California
•    University of Washington
•    University of British  Columbia
•    University of Tokyo

Many students from The American School of Bangkok in the past and still today continue to receive full academic scholarships. The school recognises how important it is to invest in students to bring out the best athletic, academic and artistic skills and strength. For this, they have on offer a scholarship program for students for the 2016-2017 school year. Scholarships are open to students from grade 9-grade 11 from the Green Valley Campus and students just have to download the online applications. Students passing the application process get a general interview where they will be tested for scholarships.

At The American School of Bangkok, they strive to combine the academic courses within an excellent family-like environment, where there is also plenty of time for students to enjoy other fun and relaxing activities. There is a careful and good balance of all the necessities that go towards enabling students to challenge themselves to become the leaders that the school is widely known for producing.