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Expat’s Advice: Reasons Why Thailand is The Best Asian Destination

Quality education for your kid has no substitute. But in an era when international schools are proving a lot attractive for expatriates in Asia and perhaps all over the world, one has to make a huge decision on the country to relocate to. 

Some cities are more expensive than others, especially when you look at it in terms of the cost of education. The recent past has seen lots of western parents send their kids to schools based in Asia and some parts of Europe to study. The dominant, overriding factor behind such decisions mainly has to do with the quality of education offered vis-à-vis the overall cost. 

Globally, Thailand-based international schools are way cheaper
Thailand is proving to be the go-to destination, especially among budget-savvy foreigners. According to an International Schools Database that details the cost of education in international schools across the world, Thailand is just about the best spot. 

Shanghai, Singapore, and Seoul are three of the most expensive destinations, followed by three Swiss cities. Still, the lowest or perhaps the most affordable ones are Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Abu Dhabi. Bangkok, on the other hand, is almost in the middle with an average monthly cost of a little less than $1000. 

But that’s not all
In this fast-growing Asian country, you have over 150 alternatives to choose from. From international school Bangkok in Thailand to those found away from the busy city, the choices are immense. In fact, you are more likely to find a school that’s far much cheaper than the average cost for your kid. 

Today, over 60,000 foreign students study in Thailand. That, coupled with the fast expansion among mid-price category English-teaching international schools simply justifies the reason why it is the right place for a kid to study. 

Remember, a kid who schools at an international school earns several important skills and still may get a chance to study overseas, work and even settle without any difficulty. It’s already happening; many of the schools ensure a near-100% transition to top-ranking colleges and universities in Thailand and abroad. 

Move to Thailand – for the same of your kids
If you are moving out of your western country and can’t decide the country to move to, consider Thailand. Not only is it a country with great eats, lots of picturesque beaches, and many temples; the country’s many islands plus its tropical climate means you will never regret your decision. Better yet, there are over 38 British schools, 21 American schools and 23 IB schools, which basically means you will not miss getting one for your child.