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Mindfulness Training: How to Do It

Mindfulness meditation is a straightforward process – find a comfortable seat, focus on your breath, and when you experience wandering thoughts, start again. 

The first step of mindfulness meditation is finding a comfortable space in your home. The chosen spot must be free of distraction, well-lit, and free of clutter. Once this is done, set the amount of time you intend to take in training. If you are a beginner, the time should go up to 10 minutes.  You can allocate more time as the practice grows into you.

How to Sit

Your sitting posture plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your mindfulness meditation training practice. Here are useful insights on how you should sit when practicing mindfulness training.

1.    Find a  seat

Find a stable position with a backrest. If you prefer sitting on the floor, make sure that you adopt an upright posture. 

2.    Observe your legs

If you are sitting on the floor, cross your legs easily like a person practicing yoga. If you are on a chair, make sure your sole is touching the ground.

3.    Straighten your torso

Try to sit upright, but don’t overdo it. Stiffening your upper body might upset the natural curvature of your spine and lead to complications.

4.    Place your arms parallel to your torso

After doing this, place your hands drop on top of your legs.

5.    Close your eyes

The best way of maximizing concentration is by closing your eyes. If you can ignore other surrounding events, you can leave them open.

6.    Relax

Focus solely on your breath or the sensations it generates within your body.

It is almost impossible to go without experiencing wandering thoughts. When this inevitably happens, try to shift your focus to the breath and sensations. Instead of engaging with such ideas, just observe them without reacting and resume your mindfulness training as if nothing happened.

Another way of increasing the effectiveness of your mindfulness meditation training is by pausing each time you need to adjust your body.  When the exercise complete, break again and notice the changes in how you feel. If you are looking for mindfulness meditation training practice in Thailand please Mindfulness Academy of Asia.