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Preparing for a Dermatologist Appointment: 7 Easy Dos and Don’ts

The dermatologist may not look at those acne marks and he may not even examine your skin, but still, your first visit to a dermatology clinic Bangkok won’t be as straightforward as it seems. Often, the visit can’t be as predictable as any other medical appointment. However, there are a couple of things you’ve got to adhere to so that the day ends well. Let’s look at them!

1.    Be prepared for tons of questions on your medical history

Like a typical medical exam, a dermatologist’s examination involves being asked about your previous medical past. You will be required to talk about the meds you’ve taken, previous health problems and such. 

Essentially, the dermatologist will be seeking to know the duration and severity of your problem over the years. It is, therefore, vital that you note down the medicines you’ve used over the years, their effect on the condition and so forth. 

2.    Be courteous and respectful

Dermatologists expect genuineness, honesty and respect. Even if it is a small dermatology clinic somewhere in Bangkok or a big, reputable hospital in London, they all value the same virtues. And so, for your condition to be dealt with adequately, be respectful even when he or she looks rude. Just listen, answer accordingly and take their word for it, after all, they are professionals. 

3.    Be willing to go with a prescription

Even if it’s your first day at the clinic, just be sure that you may be given a full prescription. If given one, ask the doctor a few more questions, especially the likeliest duration of seeing a chance, possible side-effects and when to come back. 

4.    Be willing to call back after a couple of days

Acne or any skin condition can’t go away miraculously after a day. Definitely, you will need to come back a few more times and see the dermatologist. And you should be willing to, especially because they will have to see how the skin responded to the treatment, progress and any other issues. 

5.    However, don’t wear too much makeup

Dermatologists often have to examine the skin, nails and cuticles for crucial clues. They must be sure that that skin rash, mouth sore or acne sign is a particular skin disorder. Therefore, watch your makeup, that nail polish, your lip balm and so forth. 

6.    You can bring along your medication + lab results

You will be asked about the type of acne gel you’ve been using. So, make sure you go with it, plus all those other medicines you bought and the results from your previous lab tests so that they understand the kind of meds you used. A photo of them or noting down their names may still do. 

7.    Lastly, don’t be late

It is an appointment, so be sure to arrive a few minutes ahead. Dress well and don’t forget to come with adequate cash, if your insurer doesn’t cater for appointments.

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