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Thailand Vs Remaining World: Launching a Start-up Company

Wide range of foreigner and local investors are making efforts to set up successful start-ups in Thailand. This country is known for its ambitious goals with the ultimate economic agenda. Stats reveal that this southeast Asian country is all set to achieve the target of developing 1000 start-ups by the end of 2021, which may provide employment opportunities to 50,000 high skilled people.

As per the recent reforms, the government is focused on making Thailand a top-rated start-up nation, so they are attracting investors from different parts of the world. This vision is going ahead with the Thailand 4.0 revolution, and it may bring out many innovation-driven opportunities for the value-based economy enhancement. Technology is going to play an essential role in this process.

What ranks Thailand high among the rest of the world for a start-up?

Well, there are a few essential aspects that we need to analyse while deciding about setting up a business in a foreign country. The first most factor that ranks Thailand high among other competitive nations is its strategic location. The country is located in the middle of Southeast Asia and has great connectivity with neighbouring countries via maritime links and ground as well. Once you set up a start-up in Thailand, it will be easier to target several Asia-Pacific markets, including China and India, that offers incredible growth potential.

Other than this, the country is known for its well-developed infrastructure. The technological advancements have opened new opportunities for businesses in the country, and now they are able to change the face of country’s economic makeup. The free enterprise economy of Thailand makes it stand on the top in terms of volume and size of the international trade.

The Thai government has developed many valuable rules and regulations, along with pro-investment policies for leading international ventures in the country. The nation also offers a market-oriented economy with great opportunities for technology transfer, employment, and economic development. The Board of Investment in Thailand offers a wide range of tax incentives along with concessions over import duty. Without any doubt, the country has grown to be one of the best business destinations within the past few years.

The geo-economic factors prove Thailand as the best place for start-up investors around the world. The start-up policies established in the year 2016 show more encouragement and support to the new company registration in Thailand. Start-ups have now become an integral element of economic development in Thailand, and they are getting great opportunities for growth in the future as well.

The companies are allowed to take part in the acceleration programme, and they get several supportive sources to expand their business over the global marketplace. Fostering new talents, and skills in the workers are also into new agenda, and start-ups can easily promote this concept. In short, Thailand offers all favourable conditions for setting up a new business. You can check out the new business ideas that can be more suitable for the Thai market and lead your brand with uninterrupted growth opportunities.

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