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What Really Makes Great International Schools Great?

It’s not hard to list down the best international schools in the world today, especially since Google has countless of them. International schools are a craze today; they are breaking down barriers they’ve long been associated with, while revolutionizing the way education ought to be taught. And they are highly sought-after! 

Indeed international education, especially what’s taught in line with the superior American, British or IB curricular, is arguably the yardstick to academic excellence in elementary schools. Kids graduating with such education not only have a smoother pathway to prestigious universities in the western world, but also have connections of some sort to excel later. 

But as the number of international schools increases, the distinction between the ‘good’ and the ‘great’ gets blurred. In Thailand, it’s not easy to pinpoint the best international school in Bangkok or tell the exact features that make one incredible. 

What are the telltale features of a great international school today?
Vienna, Beijing and Singapore are some of the cities boasting the biggest number of international schools in the world. Bangkok, Cairo, Dubai, Jakarta and Nairobi also appear in the list. From each of the schools listed down in the list, however, some of the most distinguishable features are:
1.    Excellent academic excellence - whereby most of their graduating students receive admission to top-ranking universities and colleges locally and abroad. Some register 95% transition while others consistently record 100% university admission. It’s easy to see why; because besides hitting the minimum grades, kids exhibit great personal virtues. 
2.    The schools have great global educational networks - the schools have partner organizations abroad, mostly in the western world, where kids attend at least once in a year, to participate in specific activities. The schools also maintain close connections with organizations giving scholarships. 
3.    Personalized learning strategies - as if teaching foreign curricular isn’t enough, most of the best international schools adopt a different style of teaching whereby each kid is attended to individually. Programs are also personalized to ensure that no child feels inferior or worthless. In the end, every child is a genius!
4.    World-class facilities - from exceptional campuses designed to allow interactive learning to other ultra-modern teaching facilities, great schools have them all. Others even feature movable classrooms, flexible workspaces, modern labs and A-list facilities for extra-curricular activities. 
5.    Balanced programs whereby every student has something he/she is great at being taught in class is another major characteristic of the best international schools today. Some schools teach music, artistry or coding on the side while others offer leadership lessons to ambitious and promising children. 

Some great international schools in Bangkok boast of distinguished history. Others even have the world’s best teachers. It is, however, important to mention that, while greatness has no relations with the amount of tuition fees a schools charges, it is possible to find an excellent Tier 2 or 3 school with these features as well. 

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